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   General Information  
SuperStar Virgo showcases the best of Classical and Mediterranean design, with its striking multi-hue marble and elegant rich wood finishing. Then again, SuperStar Virgo was created for the modern holiday-maker, so there's never a dull moment on board with our unbelievably comprehensive facilities, Entertainment, Recreation, Activites and Service. Of course, the 76,800-grt. and 13-deck SuperStar Virgo also offers the informality, flexibility and choice of freestyle cruising coupled with warm Asian hospitality which have become the hallmarks of Star Cruises.  
   Cruise Facts:
Gross Tonnage   76,800 grt.
Length (metres)   268m/879 ft.
Width (metres)   32m/106 ft.
Average Cruising Speed (knots)   24 kn.
Maximum Cruising Speed (knots)   25.5 kn
Number of Stabilisers   1 set
Bow Stern Thrusters   3
Full Satellite Navigation System   2
Number of Cabins   980
Passenger Capacity (based on lower berths)   1,960
   Onboard Entertainment

After a fun-filled day with the kids at Neptune's Wet and Wild, retreat to some World-class performances at any of our entertainment outlets.

You can dance the night away at the Celebrity Disco or join us for a game or two at any of our game rooms if you prefer a quiet evening.

The Picture House (Cinema)
The Lido (Showroom)
Out of Africa (Karaoke)
Oasis (Games)
The Mahjong Room
Galaxy of the Stars
Celebrity Disco
   Sports & Fitness

Staying in shape and keeping fit need not be boring. You'll find our comprehensive range of facilities make working out anything but mundane.

After sweating it out at the gym, end your session at the Apollo Spa and Fitness Centre. Choose to rejuvenate your way from any of the exotic spa treatments.

Universal Gymnasium
Parthenon Pool
Oasis (Games)
Aquaswim (Jet current exercise pool)
Star Track (Jogging circuit)
   Wine and Dine

As the liner takes you to places where feasting is an everyday affair, our chefs onboard prepare you for the gastronomical journey by cooking up only the best.

At our various dining outlets, we are sure to please even the most discerning palate. Savour Japanese specialities at The Samurai or exotic Indian temptations at The Taj! Check out some of our dining highlights below.

Mediterranean Buffet and Terrace
Blue Lagoon
Palazzo (Italian)
Taj Mahal
The Pavilion Room (Chinese)
Noble House (Chinese)
Bella Vista (International)
   Other Facilities

Should you unexpectedly have to attend to some business, our business centre is equipped with the Telecommunications systems to help you stay in touch with Friends, Love ones or Business associates.

Otherwise, choose to shop through SuperStar Virgo as you would a shopping mall.

Charlie's Childcare Centre
Computer World (Children's Computer Centre)
Starlight Video Arcade
Oscar's Hair and Beauty Salon
Ports O'Call (Shopping)
The Library (Books and Internet)
   Cruise Deck  
Cruise Deck List:
Deck 4 Deck 9
Deck 5 Deck 10
Deck 6 Deck 11
Deck 7 Deck 12
Deck 8 Deck 13
Deck 4
Deck 5
CC Oceanview Stateroom with Window
CD Oceanview Stateroom with Porthole
DD Inside Stateroom
Deck 6
CB Oceanview Stateroom with Window
CD Oceanview Stateroom with Porthole
DC Inside Stateroom
Deck 7
Deck 8
CA Oceanview Stateroom with Window
DB Inside Stateroom
Deck 9
AA Executive Suite
AC Junior Suite
BC Oceanview Stateroom with Balcony
CA Oceanview Stateroom with Window
DB Inside Stateroom
Deck 10
AA Executive Suite
AB Executive Suite
AD Junior Suite
BB Oceanview Stateroom with Balcony
DA Inside Stateroom
Deck 11
BA Oceanview Stateroom with Balcony
DA Inside Stateroom
Deck 12
Deck 13
   Cruise Cabins
AA Deck 9, Deck 10
AB Deck 10

Area: 627.5 x 629.7 Sq. ft.
AC Deck 9
AD Deck 10

Area: 474.7 x 510.2 Sq. ft.
BA Deck 11
BB Deck 10
BC Deck 9

Area: 219 Sq. ft.
CA Deck 8, Deck 9
CB Deck 6
CC Deck 5

Area: 151.8 x 225 Sq. ft.
CD Deck 5, Deck 6

Area: 151.8 x 225 Sq. ft.
DA Deck 10, Deck 11
DB Deck 8, Deck 9
DC Deck 6
DD Deck 5

Area: 157 x 178.7 Sq. ft.
Notes:- (B) American Breakfast ,  (L) Lunch ,  (D) Dinner at Restaurant (Indian)
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